5 Fandom Friday – Top Ten Favorite Aliens

Since it has been a while since I have done a top ten list, I am combining one with this weeks’ 5 Fandom Friday. Also because I apparently love a looot of alien characters. It was painful to whittle the possibilities down to even ten finalists. @MeghanSaraK, you hit upon an excellent topic with an impressive range crossing genres! You got your romantic hero aliens, evil marauding aliens, and your funny and intelligent aliens. There are simply aliens for every occasion, filling every need or mood with aplomb.

1. Spock – Star Trek

635606590026667621-635606492631966987-Spock-quotes02Spock will always be my number one alien! Leornard Nimoy portrayed the Vulcan character as an absolute class act with sharp intelligence and sneaky wit.

2. Megamind

tumblr_lsciu3crR51qbupgoWill Ferrell voices the dastardly villainous Megamind with the most adorable sweet evilness that I have ever seen. I must give massive props to Tina Fey for providing a lady character who has such perfect chemistry with Megamind. They truly make the perfect team, and their relationship elevates the film to an even higher level.


3. The Doctor – Doctor Who

doctor-who-photos-50th-03Of course, I had to put The Doctor on this list! He ( and potentially one day, she ) is one of the most alien aliens out there. And he’s so fabulously British!

4. Leeloo – The Fifth Element

5b7db1db95a8f0888e6cccb24c7d667aAs a young girl watching Leeloo kick butt for the first time in theaters, it was one of those moments of finding something life affirming. This being a Luc Besson flick, the lady power was thankfully not surprising, but how much I connected to Leeloo was. Mila Jovovich was so strong, sweet, brilliant, and vicious when called for. Sometimes you might need to beat the crap out of men, so do not feel bad about yourself when this happens. It in no way stops you from being the amazing woman that you are, so just get it done and then move on to the next problem.

5. Dr. Dick Solomon – 3rd Rock from the Sun

tumblr_msgvcli5GX1rxe2h4o1_400John Lithgow has a scary beautiful gift for comedy. His face makes me crazy happy, the bigger the naughty glint in his eyes, the better.

6. Drax – Guardians of the Galaxy

tumblr_nexxue8qVp1qzco77o2_500Drax is my puddin! I adore everything about Guardians of the Galaxy, but he is my favorite.

7. Ford Prefect – Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

tumblr_m7fmdyRBIE1r5lk54o2_500Mos Def makes such a perfect alien that I nominate him as the next Doctor!

8. Jamarcus – The Watch

richard_ayoade8Another British alien character! Richard Ayoade is one of the more polite aliens in this universe, and it is super sexy.

9. Stitch – Lilo & Stitch

199634_tumblr_mh94o5ksjp1s40wnfo1_500_largeStitch has sweet feelings and an instinct for creative destruction!

10. Gir – Invader Zim

0c5c98ea29f5003717e2e3fa826d7b83Gir is a robot but I still count him as having alien status. He loves tacos, watching movies, and squirrels. Therefore I love him!


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