5 Fandom Friday – Comic Book Heroes You Would Like To See With Their Own Series Or Movie

I am loving how far comic book movies and television shows have come in the years since Iron Man set the precedent that actually using the comics as a blueprint and inspiration can make for an incredible film with box office success. Who knew? Well, all of the fans did, but it is nice that the production studios have finally caught up. Well, Marvel Studios and The CW at least, the others still have a ways to go. Here are my picks for Comic Book Heroes that I would love to see in their own movie or show, brought to you by @JaymFace!

1. She-Hulk

28137-4243-31221-1-sensational-she-hulkShe-Hulk was one of my favorite comics growing up, and is someone I would love to see in her own series. Her title is pure action comedy with some girl power added for even more awesome.

2. Silver Sable

gun-smallI need there to be more Silver Sable stuff out there. Her comic was truly badass and I believe it would translate well into a series. She was the leader of a tiny country largely dependent on the influx of cash brought in by her mercenary jobs. She was basically a Queen that supported every one of her citizens on her own, and therefore had no time for any shenanigans. There was no patience for any time wasters or nosy people trying to “get to know her”. She could put on a dress and be diplomatic when she had to, but always had weapons on her in case shit got real. Which it tended to do, and then Silver handled it like a boss.

3. Invisible Woman

civil-war-force-fieldSue Storm deserves a series concentrating on her story and character. She is one of the most powerful superheroes in existence, and yet does not get the attention that she so deserves.

4. Catwoman

catwomanmonalisa01The Catwoman portrayal in Dark Knight Rises was incredible because it is the first that actually stays true to the comics ( with added Julie Newmar touches to just make it so absolutely perfect that it will forever remain the gold standard ). I would still like to see more of her in movies or a series because there has been much more “lady that is not at all Catwoman but we are gonna go ahead and call her that” out there.

5. The Astonishing X-Men

50a3ec2b87115The Joss Whedon run of Astonishing X-Men is one of the best things that I have ever read, and I need it in my life as a series. Really, I guess I prefer comics translated into television series as opposed to movies. It gives the title more time to build the particular world similar to how it works in comics so it just feels like the better option.


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