5 Fandom Friday: Your 5 Most Binge Worthy Shows

This was a such a great prompt from @SoMelificent, but choosing my favorite binge shows was a bit of a journey. I had to whack my way through the massive binge library which I have accumulated in my apparently binge-friendly life. There were a lot of titles to consider until finally getting down to my top 5 shows to watch in a stream of awesome episodes on a rainy Sunday, cleaning day, or simply to cheer myself up:)

1. Archer – Netflix, Hulu

tumblr_mhvebpIvjl1r4kgcko1_500Archer has everything: The office politics befitting a non-functional bureaucracy, the best of the awesome spy humor from a James Bond film wrapped in biting self-awareness, intelligent jokes and references playing well with elegant dick jokes, and topped with all that is sarcastic human understanding which desperately needs a drink. I love it, I need it, and I hope it never ever ends!

2. Garfunkel and Oates – Netflix

salon-gando1Garfunkel and Oates are my ladies. For years they have made hilarious inspired videos until getting their own show on IFC ( cancelled now, but all of the first season is on Netflix ). It is 13 episodes of lady hormones, exceptional honesty, and the most well crafted yet hilarious songs that I have ever heard. They dive into the dark places that no lady really wants to acknowledge is there and then make you have fun playing in it. Not to say that they go there with a negative vibe at all or really put anything across with added drama, because they so do not. I am not sure how they look at things with such clear vision and still celebrate it with a positive outlook that stops the perfect distance before hitting the too much sugar sweetness level, but they pull it off. It is amazing.

3. Pushing Daises

tumblr_mgsfydNaUe1qb05aco2_500Pushing Daisies has all of the qualities of the perfect binge material. It is a romance, mystery, dark comedy, fairy tale, musical at times, and the colors are freaking bright and gorgeous. I wish to live in this show with all of the parts of me. I also want to use my fridge as a cheese box, but my husband keeps putting meats and juice in there as well. It totally ruins the sanctity of the cheese box! This does not make me give up however, I plan to find a small retro fridge after we move to use as a dedicated Pushing Daisies portal.

4. Black Books – Hulu

anigif_enhanced-buzz-20206-1376392686-15Oh, Dylan Moran. He has the most grumpy everything. And he is so Irish. And he has this bookshop in Britain where these “people” keep coming into his store to buy books! How dare they waste his precious reading time with such nonsense! All he wants is some peace and quiet for wine drinking and insult hurling. Every episode in the three seasons of this show is a gem, and at a couple of points Simon Pegg and Nick Frost pop in as guest stars. Simon is so adorably evil that I can not stand it.

5. The Ricky Gervais Show – YouTube

tumblr_lzjo7wJQvU1qlosihDiscovering this show was a case of ” watch one, now watch all of the others right now, I need more! ” Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington sent a series of podcasts they had done over to HBO to be animated. Which just sounds like an insane thing to do, but it works! My josh, does it work the absolute best. Mainly it is Ricky and Stephen asking Karl questions and then trying to figure out on what random crazy path of reasoning did he come up with his answer. Cause the things that come out of Karl’s mouth are wonderfully mental, and it is a joy to hear how Rick and Stephen react to them and feebly attempt to bring him round to a more logical stance. Really, this boils down to being a very British cartoon, and it is perfection:)


13 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Your 5 Most Binge Worthy Shows

  1. Hi, I love your list, especially because there a few I haven’t seen yet. I loved Pushing Daisies and its predecessor ‘Dead Like Me.’ I will have to check out ‘Black Books.’ Looks like fun.

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