Obsessions of the Week – Installment Four

1. Adult Swim on Hulu

UntitledHulu has acquired all seasons of the Adult Swim shows to view at leisure! What?! Yes!! This is enough to keep me quite busy for a while, well played Hulu. First I shall watch some Sealab 2021 followed by the Sea Tunt two-parter from Archer. Why? Because I can.

2. Agent Carter Renewed!

54d3ffa16113aThis was delightfully unexpected, especially since they waited so long to announce the renewal and Dominic Cooper got attached to another series. Not that Hayley Atwell really needs him, she can carry the show on her incredibly competent and well padded shoulders. The ratings were a bit disappointing as well, even though the critics and audiences who actually saw it loved the absolute pants off of it! Normally that would spell doom even for this brilliantly done series, but thank heavens the cancellation axe has been stayed for the moment. In a perfect world they would renew Agent Carter for at least five seasons in respect for its potential plot-lines and mass amounts of talent who have all come together so perfectly that it has formed a nexus of perfect chemistry, but I will take what I can get in this instance. Thank you, thank you, thank you ABC for not killing one of my favorite things, you rock!

3. Cal / Hyde from Agents of Shield

calagentsofshield-124691Cal is so the ultimate papa bear on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. From the moment Kyle Maclachlan first benevolently gave of his presence I have been ruing the day when he would inevitably leave or ( unforgivably ) be killed off. Every episode has made me a mess of worry and not caring what happens to any other character, as long as Cal was alright. Coulson, why did you take papa bears’ kill away from him? How dare you, you made him upset! You bring Whitehall back to life right now so that Cal can kill him, mister! Fortunately his exit in the finale was lovingly done, and well worthy of the work Kyle has been putting into the character this season. It also was done in such a way that an eventual return is not completely out of the realm of possibility, especially since the series writers love him as well:)

4. Black Widow SNL Skit

Scarlett Johansson hosted Saturday Night live for the forth time a couple of weeks ago, for which she deserves serious props! They usually have her do a lot of New York accents, and Scarlett completely commits to everything written for her. The lady lets loose and allows the crazy to take over not caring if something might make her look silly. Respect. One of my favorites is when she does Millionaire Matchmaker, her Patti is spot on:


Her most recent host work produced a fabulous take down of the perceptions of what a female-starring Black Widow film would look like, if it were even lucky enough to happen at all. The SNL team added every chick flick cliche from wearing cardigans and the gay best friend ( Taran Killam as Thor here was hilarious ) to being so absentminded the female lead does things like put ketchup on her cereal. I loved everything about this skit, including Bobby Moynihan showing up at the end as the Hulk. That man loves being Hulk, it’s adorable.

I feel like I need to talk about Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron for a moment. So, I went to see this film in theaters, and it was everything I was hoping it would be. Joss Whedon put so much of the comics into this film that it was fairly bursting with it, but in a good way. To my surprise, not everyone seems to have had the same viewing experience that I did, and have been so upset that it produced this massive hate-spew monster that has set out to destroy everything Joss. I have to say that I am baffled by this. Not that there is no reason in where this monster has come from, I absolutely understand how certain scenes could be taken a certain way. It is the level of vitriol caused by this one take on these scenes that I can not get behind. Disagreements are simply different points of view from different perspectives, and these are to be listened to and respected. Wanting to destroy and lay something and someone to waste because of a different point of view is not a disagreement, however. That is standing next to a Rorschach painting and screaming at anyone who sees something other than an octopus with a frilly umbrella.

5. Grace and Frankie

grace-and-frankieDarlings. Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston, and Martin Sheen have given us a gift. A gift of dealing with the messiness of life in inelegant yet loving ways. A gift of burning herbs and drinking peyote on the beach. A gift of Sam and Martin being so gosh darn adorable as a couple! A gift of healing because of these crazy people that make up your family. They may not always do the exact right things, but neither do you. So get off your high horse and jump them in the mud. Shit happens, and the ability to make fun out of nothing and laugh at the ridiculousness is the best way to hold on to any kind of long term sanity.


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