5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fictional Moms

5 Fandom Friday time! This prompt is perfect, with Mother’s Day around the corner. It was a great time to give some appreciation to the moms, real as well as fictional, who have had impact on our lives.


1. Linda Belcher

tumblr_mg55a1AFJk1rvqrkzo1_500I absolutely adore everything about the very real family portrayed in Bob’s Burgers. As co-captain to this troop of interesting chaos, Linda proves every week that she is a powerhouse of a mother. The secrets to her success are:

  • Embrace the Chaos, Tornadoes are Fun!
  • Wine is a Legitimate Lady Medicine / Cure-All
  • Make Your Own Traditions with Your Family Out of the Ashes of Plans Gone Wrong
  • Play With Your Children Like You are One of Them
  • Play With Your Husband
  • Embrace the Simple Things
  • Be Yourself, That Crazy Inside Just Makes You Interesting


2. Rosemary Penderghast

tumblr_lm2tycCWMG1qb6kd0o1_500I am more than slightly obsessed with Patrica Clarkson. She has been in so many films, and always manages to be ever so classy and funny and real. This is especially true with her portrayal of Olive’s mother in Easy A! Rosemary is loving, incredibly honest, and possesses a deep well of dark wondrous humor. Stanley Tucci plays her husband, and they kill me in their scenes together. My favorites are the ” spell it with your peas ” and ” Olive, you have a gentleman caller ” sequences. Ah, I want more of the Penderghasts, they are the best:)


3. Donna Smoak

63b163f0-bab9-0132-9a58-0e01949ad350Felicity Smoak is my favorite thing about Arrow, although I am hoping with the end of the current season it dispenses with a good deal of the drama it has piled up lately. You are suffocating, Arrow, free yourself please! Anyway… Felicity’s mother was finally introduced this season as part of a peek into her past. After Felicity’s description and her seemingly gold digger vibe when she shows up, I was truly starting to not like her. It all felt very cliched and annoying, and I wondered whether the writers were only using her as a device to make us more sympathetic to Felicity. Which was so not necessary, she is already full on beloved by the fans. But then Donna started doing these awesome little things. As the episode went on, these things became more and more obvious, until it finally painted the true picture of who she was. Yes, Donna is a gorgeous cocktail waitress, and has been for many years. Yes, she is dazzled by the rich men in Felicity’s life. However, she is also an empathetic, genuine, loving, strong, independent mother. She could have gotten a man to take care of her many times, yet she turns them down and works instead. And really, anyone who had never met them before would lose their breath meeting Oliver and Ray. She even notices how her daughter responds to these men with incredible accuracy and without a trace of jealousy. Later, when they are in danger, Donna lets loose her inner mama bear on the bad guy which just cemented her place as one of my favorite characters! I am so glad that the writers made all of these things a part of her, and it makes me happy every time she comes to Sterling for a visit 🙂


4. Nora Charles

Untitled design(20)Nora is my default role model in all things. She matches her husband skill for skill in whatever comes into their lives. Mrs. Charles demands respect, does not let Mr. Charles get anything past her, and charges forth to wherever she wishes to go. She handles things with intelligence and an self-assured manner. As the Thin Man Series progressed, she did not change after having a child other than include Nick Jr. in her circle of protection and love. Nora shows that you can be a wonderful mother, and still go out and solve crimes. A woman can be many things at all times, we are not limited to one.


5. Malory Archer

tumblr_mycajkDNyz1qfrkf9o1_500Is Malory Archer a good mother? Debatable. Is she an interesting mother whose son loves her most of the time? Definitely! I just love Malory, probably because she represents what I will be like when I am her age. Well, without the racism, but otherwise it is very right on. It is the best when I get in a Malory mood, which happens often. Wine, anything that can be considered a leisure activity ( I stretch the definition to anything slightly relaxing ), or someone being a dolt tends to bring them on.


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