Obsessions of the Week – Installment Three

1. Butlers

There is nothing better than a proper butler. The closest I will ever get to having one in my home is when they feature on my television, which is still enough to make me very happy. After watching Michael Ian Black pop up as Peepers the Butler in a promo for Another Period I got a fever. And the only prescription is more butler!

Here are some of my favorites:

b1Jarvis, Peepers, Godfrey, Ruggles, Agador Spartacus, Alfred, Geoffrey, Manuelb2Wadsworth, Lurch, Jeeves, Woodhouse, Hilary, Lug, Riff Raff, Coleman

Okay, I think I have purged my fever now. Just one more!


Cato is the best

2. Geek Girl Clothes

We are absolutely living in the golden age of female geek apparel. The options for lady wear went from men’s shirt only to ladies shirt to here are some wearable awesome butt kicking ensembles inspired from the things you love. If they had this level of options before now, I would have been much happier in high school. I mean, I am indecently happy that this has become the state of things, but it does make me rather mourn my high school wardrobe’s lack of selections.

To the wonderful and ever expanding world of Lady Geek Fashion:

Hot Topic

be4c757f8dad68bf1b3ffd2303a91a55For a while now, Hot Topic has been adding more and more fandom merchandise until officially evolving into one of the best places for a lady to procure items of a geeky nature. Their lines of Orphan Black, Avengers, and Penny Dreadful fashions slated for release this year are truly impressive.

Her Universe

053f8906967c201b852e6516a809cb96I am not too big on jewelry or dresses, but they have plenty of other things to pick from:)

Pinup Girl

9f437f409fa8550be72b2223f5aa5ff3This site has been known for their retro styled apparel, but they also have a section for all that is geek chic.

Think Geek

c8052e4f3da35901f852445f15e49accMostly T-Shirts that are a bit blah ( I prefer TeeFury finds ), but there are also a lovely range of accessories and leggings.

Disney Online

7505055889991Yea, Disney nerds! Between Hot Topic and the online Disney store, you guys are covered.


IMG_0365So expensive, but you get what you pay for. I love that the designs reference geek culture using quality materials and flattering cuts.

Jinx Clothing

2815p_175c_1mThis is another t-shirt and accessories store in line with a smaller Think Geek. Jinx beats Think Geek in the area of gamer-wear however.

We Love Fine

b196f17379c2619ce942e4293eca0997The idea of everyday casual cosplay has been lovingly catered to here. Their Ghostbusters jumpsuits are sooo perfect!

Gold Bubble

1a979d05fae7de04a61bbd31a59e6243Similar to Black Milk, but the dresses look more comfortable. Plus any business willing to sell me Sherlock themed fashion pieces is a winner.

Black Milk

1e861780d9aa7fc15a4dec528c49a68fThere are legging and dresses here for every fandom occasion. Well, every fandom eventually, they switch out in merch waves.

3. Scarlet Witch

Yeessssssssssssssssssss! In a few more days my childhood wish of seeing Scarlet Witch represented on the big screen will finally be realized. Will Magneto be her father? Nah. Will she be more of an enhanced being or maybe even an inhuman instead of a mutant? Yup. Does that bother me? Not really. It might not make much sense that Fox’s exclusive rights on the X-Men property does not include Scarlet and Quicksilver, but that is very much beside the point. Back in the day when the comic book titles were being sold off, it was done in a very piecemeal way. Each studio sliced out the bits that they deemed interesting or useful and left the rest for the next one to pick up or leave at their will. There was no Kevin Feige run Marvel Studios quite yet with a more long term vision and understanding of the massive inter-connectivity of all the titles and characters. When Marvel Studios did solidify, the property rights jumble and damage done was already set in stone. It absolutely makes sense that the resulting world of the Marvel Film Franchise may need to tweak things a bit as a we-don’t-have-the-rights-for-that workaround. If there is anyone that can handle a workaround, it is Joss Whedon. He is like a Timelord that way: a madman, but I absolutely trust him. It also makes sense to start building Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver as film characters since The Inhumans will be here in a few years. Working on the foundations now will make for a much more seamless storytelling experience when Quicksilver ( especially ) becomes involved with them. I can not wait to ship Pietro ( Quicksilver ) and Crystal! I have been avoiding any and all talk and promos for Age of Ultron, but I still already ship Wanda ( Scarlet Witch ) and Vision. All that it took was looking at the IMDB page when the cast was finalized and realizing both characters feature in the film. Please, yes, but stopping short of a thank you in advance. Let’s see what the Whedon does first. Do what you must, and bring on the scary power moments:

tumblr_nek98zQdbM1r7gbeko2_r3_500Damn right, girl.

4. Bloody Bear PJs

GloomyBear_Kigurumi_Onesie_largeJust look at it! So beautiful and perfect. This says, ” I may be an adorable pink bear, but I shall not hesitate to rip into those who threaten me! “

5. Art Prints from Gallery 1988

One day I shall have all of them and use their power to rule the land. Until then, I acquire each print one at a time with saintly patience.

My current wishlist:

Sam Gilbey “The End Of Vulcan”


Clinton Reno “Now is ze time on Sprockets vhen ve dance”


Jim Ferguson “I’m Bored”


Daniel Nyari “Gummies Caught Feeding”


Justin White “I can’t believe I’m gonna miss this”


4 thoughts on “Obsessions of the Week – Installment Three

  1. I love some of the stores you mentioned – those Pikachu socks, so cool!

    It’s a shame most geek stores are situated in the US (from the Netherlands here). Shipping costs are so expensive…


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