5 Fandom Friday: Games I Love To Play

Yeah, 5 Fandom Friday! What’s the topic? Favorite Games? *Slight panic reaction* Omg, but I am a girl, and I game but not really enough to be a gamer, and if I put my actual favorites up, this could be met with male geek smugness and the trying to yank the geek card away from me. – Actual thought that ran through my head as I prepared this list. *Breathing* You know what, I can’t allow myself to worry about a possible reaction like that. I have a teeny tiny blog, so this is a fairly unlikely possibility anyway, but still. There have been a few bad experiences in my past that tend to make me overly cautious now when it comes to this area. However, my fandoms and favorites are made up of the geeky substances of this world. That every aspect of my geek card is made up of varying concentrations for every subject is just the sum of my own experiences and exploration. The map of these things is likely different than for anyone else, and that is not something I ( or any other person ) should ever be ashamed of. So, that was the long way round to get to the subject at hand:) Here are my five favorite Boardgames and PC Games so far:


1. Last Night on Earth

61iJb6hlIlL._SY300_This is one of the few games that can still be crazy fun with two players. Meaning it is an absolute staple for a Sunday of coupledom activities. I am always the queen of the zombie hoard, and therefore always win! In my husbands defense, it is difficult to beat zombies in any situation, much less one with a tricky blood-hungry Queen to guide them. Muhaha!

2. Invasion From Outer Space

pic695896This is from the same company that makes Last Night on Earth, and therefore the setup is pretty much the same, just with a different theme. In this one I play the Circus characters who try to take down the alien invaders! Why did I choose the townsfolk this time? Because they have a bear! Her name is Jojo, and she is made to wear this ridiculous tutu for the circus. In my gameplay this makes her incredibly vicious because she was already upset when the aliens landed. Indeed the tutu gets splattered with blood in battle, especially when the aliens comment on it. Laugh at Jojo’s frilly shame at your own peril.

3. Star Trek Catan

star-trek-catan-setup_enThis was the only Catan available for purchase where we live. Everywhere was stocked in the expansions only since the base game was sold out and back-ordered. Not that that was really a bad thing, because I love this version! The first time we played it through, I put on the reboot Star Trek movie in the background for ambiance since we had seen it a loooot and I figured it would not be distraction. Wrong, so wrong.

4. Sherlock Cluedo

51eibmHJaKL._SX300_This became available on Amazon months after I saw glimpses of it on Pinterest. Thank you Pinterest, for showing me something I need to have immediately which is not available in the US and also not one of your fake teases. It was so close and yet so far. One brilliant and dedicated fan made and shared a printable version to glue to an existing Clue game ( which I would never really want to do, I love regular Clue as well ). Twas just not the same! Then finally, it reached our shore of Amazon. Thank you, makers of Sherlock Cluedo, for having mercy on the crazy American fangirls and boys.

5. Pandemic

pic1534148Can you save humanity in this game? No. No, you can not. Therein lies the challenge, and holding out longer before the earth is taken over by plague feels ever closer to that unreachable victory. You all gonna die.

PC Video Games:

1. The Diablo Series

D3Diablo II was the first PC game which truly sucked me in. It is still my favorite as far as graphics and actual challenging gameplay. Diablo III looks purty. And you can dye the color of your armor. So that’s cool. It is probably the decade of wait which makes Diablo III just feel like a bit of a disappointment. The updates have improved on that though, and I do enjoy the game. Just not with Diablo II enjoyment levels.

2. South Park: Stick of Truth

sp_1Yeah, this is a full on role playing game! They went all out, unlike the usual video game versions of tv or movies, and it is incredible! I love South Park, and they delivered the best game I have played since…Diablo II. Trey and Matt, you brilliant scamps. I still need to see The Book of Mormon, tour near me soon please.

3. The Portal Series

portal-2-1I have played a fair amount of puzzle and time management games in my time. They are politely mind-numbing yet soothing, like meditation for people with minds that never ever quiet. Portal and Portal 2 are puzzle games of a very different, complicated, and storied nature. I mean, Stephen Merchant is there as your robot guide for one thing. It’s adorable. I love a robot voiced by a British comedian, it just works. The Brits are always the best evil characters and the at least possibly evil robots. Wait, is that the real reason ladies go nuts for a British accent?  “Omg, I feel somehow since you started talking that the world is going to end and that has activated my Apocalypse hormones!” So much makes sense to me now.

4. Minecraft

minecraft-logoI have used the creative mode to build everything from a TARDIS to 221B Baker Street. This is the mode that is cool to look at, but not so much fun to play in my opinion. I need to mine my materials to feel like I have earned my shelter. I need to farm and hunt to gather food so I do not starve. I need the hit of adrenaline that comes when finding a vein of diamonds. Yeah, that’s the good stuff. I have built this castle and all that is contained therein with my imaginary sweat, only attack it if you wish to die by my earned diamond sword after my gollums are done with you. Yeah, my skin is Batman. Always.

5. The Build-a-Lot series

buildalot-fairy-tales_featureThis is my zen helper. I am absolutely guilty of using Time Management games to chill and zone out when I need to. The Build-a-Lot series is my favorite because each game actually feels like a different one in the series and I guess I just like imaginarily building things.


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