Obsessions of the Week – Installment Two

Another week has passed in this age of Geektopia. All of the stuff and things available for good little geek girls and boys ( or just those with cash in hand ) has grown plentiful. Aye, for we have planted many seedlings in this land. Seeds of Comic Books, Games of Various Kinds, and all that has been mined from the brain of Joss Whedon. These seeds did grow and spread their nourishment, ever changing and feeding on our geek appetite until spreading into the massive and infinitely branched land laid out currently before us. No longer do the women have to order a shirt proclaiming love of The Tick in man sizes only. Ladies have their own merchandise now, which actually fits! “Unisex” is only a legitimate size category for Footie Pajamas. Otherwise, it is utter bullcrap. Moving on… Geektopia is rightly inhabited by all of the many fandoms and the people who love them. This includes Disney and Hunger Games nerds ( for example ). It is the love to the point of obsession which should define whether something is a fandom, not how close to the original geek DNA something is. Being focused on the perceived purity of a thing can get a bit Nazi. Let’s not be Nazis, there is room for everyone in this land we have all made together:)

Here are my loves for the week:

1. Karen Page’s Wardrobe

Karen Page has better style than Gwen Stacy. Yeah, I said it! Gwen’s headband hides from the rays of class which emanate from Karen’s outfit, lest it get disintegrated, leaving behind only the musk of polyester and fear.

Karen Page from Daredevil

2. The End of The Thrilling Adventure Hour Podcast

Of course I discover something this amazing at the end of its’ run. For ten years this podcast has put out a number of supernaturally hilarious shows that have not faded in quality one jot. The cast and crew have done tours across the world, as well as a number of comic conventions. I have to live with the notion that I could have listened sooner to Chris Hardwick over the last few years as he waxed poetical about it. My obsession would have started at a more opportune time, opening up the possibility of seeing a performance in person. Damn you Hardwick! Fist shake!

Every single episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour is available for free on iTunes, Podbay, and The Nerdist. Here are some of the Twitter reactions from their classy and wonderful fandom to the end of the show:

Farewell, but not goodbye. You leave us with over 200 episodes to listen to at will, and sometimes on repeat.

3. James Spader’s Voice

James-Spader-UltronSo creepy and James Spadery is Ultron’s voice. Hello, perfection of role and actor meeting with obvious spectacular results. Be afraid, Avengers, for he is the Spadey. He could kill all of you and still have the audience on his side. I do wonder if Joss Whedon is going to make Ultron in Danger from his Astonishing Xmen runs’ image. Or perhaps not. Avengers: Age of Ultron is something I wish to see with absolutely no spoilers, including the newer trailers. I wish to know nothing! A something can always take away a piece of possible enjoyment on the actual movie day.

4. Posters Made from Anna Kendrick’s Tweets

enhanced-2568-1429111441-23 enhanced-14368-1429217623-16 enhanced-15393-1429278870-15You are my kind of lady, Kendrick.

5. Orphan Black

728965The sestras are back! Here’s hoping that nothing will happen to Alison, Cosima, or Helena this season. Well, mostly Alison and Helena. Okay, if only one can live, I’m pulling for Alison. The other clones are there just to make her shine that much more in comparison anyway. She could rule the world with a toothpick. Her cardigans are armor, and her taser is always charged. If there is to be a chosen one, it is her. Not Sarah.


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