Obsessions of the Week – Installment One

I am a lady who tends to get carried away with immediate love when seeing something which resonates with me. Some are loves which last forever, and some just end up being disappointing. This does not stop me from getting excited about a potential amazing thing, and I hope it never will. Here are my obsessions of the week:

1. Another Period


During a commercial break for the Justin Bieber Roast on Comedy Central, they ran the first look at Another Period. It stars Natasha Leggaro and Riki Lindhome, fresh from the brilliant yet cancelled Garfunkel and Oates Season One. Here they play the spoiled Bellacourt sisters in 20th century Newport, Rhode Island. This show will be a spoof of reality shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, just set in a time where becoming famous was a bit more difficult. I am so happy that these ladies already have this new show, which will also feature Michael Ian Black and Padget Brewster!

2. The Justin Bieber Roast

This. was. hilarious. I have not seen a lot of the Comedy Central Roasts, but this one was just too tempting to resist. Plus it had Pete Davidson and Natasha Leggaro as roasters, so that put me totally on board. Kevin Hart was the perfect host ( as always ), and there were some truly brilliant bits of comedy throughout. I have to say this was even better than the Charlie Sheen Roast, which was my favorite before this. It was nice seeing Kate Walsh in the audience at least because she absolutely killed it when roasting Charlie a few years ago. This year I have to say Natasha was the Roast Queen! Just check her out:

3. Geek Chic Cosmetics

logoSo these crazy lovely people have made cosmetics inspired by the vast world of Geek Culture. There are Firefly, Supernatural, Sailor Moon, Marvel, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter palettes, among others! I ordered some samples of colors that looked nice online since I have not gotten any products from this company before. They ended up being very generous sample sizes, and most importantly, looked even better in person. The Sam from Supernatural inspired “Born Under a Bad Sign”, for example, really had those flecks of color in the brown, and every other color lived up to the expectations so I could not be happier. The colors are beautiful, wearable, and blend perfectly. Now I am more than ready to purchase some full sizes when these run out:) Here is their Lord of the Rings Palette:


4. iZombie

izombie pilot brains 2As of now, this show can do no wrong! The cast, the story, the being based on a graphic novel, I love all of it. The bad guy of iZombie is even irresistible and charming. No matter what he does, I just cannot stay mad at Blaine. Thank you Rob Thomas, you brilliant man. The leading zombie, Liv, is a lady I can absolutely get behind. It is not her fault that she was turned into the living kinda dead, and she is doing the best she can with it. I adore the added touches and rounding out of the whole Zombie cannon here, and in ways which make sense! Her taste buds are mostly dead, so she puts hot hot sauce on everything ( usually brains ) just to get some flavor. Yup, that checks out, I buy that.

P. S. There is a cute entry by the blogger Geek with Curves where she writes up some iZombie inspired recipes, no brains required.

5. Pioneer Woman Dishes

PWPot2I need all of these! The Pioneer Woman dishes will be released later this year, I just have to remain patient and wait…………………….

As a bonus, here is one of my favorite scenes from the movie Broadcast News to clarify a bit about the whole “obsession” term:

fullYep. Obsession is the right word for my feels.


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