Fandom Outfit Inspiration: Doctor Who

tardis_wallpaper___dw_by_vampiric_time_lord-d5luyi7Sweater, Jeans, Purse, Shoes, “We Are Coming” Eyeshadow, “Sexy in Suspenders” Eyeshadow, “All of Time and Space” Nail-polish

Doctor Who has one of my favorite Fandoms:) They absorb all of the time travel, British, sci-fi goodness and then show their love for it all in such sweet and clever ways. Even the actors who used to play The Doctor get in on being apart of the Fandom with this brilliant video Peter Davison put out during the 50th anniversary:

21d4b28b1701048a0b1d37e670f33c6e 551ddf0f4cde579dea086bf07ff50ff0 a42c2f49365aba59ce07e95422c90028Doctor Who Forever!

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