5 Fandom Friday: Five Fandom Outfits

This week I had to tweak the 5 Fandom Friday prompt a ‘lil bit. I took my top five fandoms ( at the moment ) and put together outfits for them which I would absolutely wear. Four are everyday ensembles, and one is for a workout or a really comfy lazy day. Yes, I probably made this much more difficult for myself, but it was fun:)

Beyond Belief Radio Show Podcast:


Add text

Coat, Fandom Shirt, Necklace, Belt, Skirt, Spider Eye Stockings, Shoes





“Trenchcoat” Cardigan, Fandom Shirt, Pants, Sports Bra, Leg Warmers


Orphan Black:


Untitled design(2)

Sunglasses, Fandom Cardigan, Shirt, Pants, Earrings, Glue Gun Necklace, Shoes




Untitled design(5)

Jumpsuit, Sweater, Shoes, Purse, Pocket-watch


Doctor Who:


tardis_wallpaper___dw_by_vampiric_time_lord-d5luyi7Sweater, Jeans, Purse, Shoes, “We Are Coming” Eyeshadow, “Sexy in Suspenders” Eyeshadow, “All of Time and Space” Nail-polish

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