Fandom Outfit Inspiration: Beyond Belief from The Thrilling Adventure Hour

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So, we need to talk. There is a podcast called The Thrilling Adventure Hour with programming inspired by the 1940s radio programs of the sci-fi, mystery, and fantasy persuasion. Beyond Belief is a supernatural-comedy-mystery based on The Thin Man series. It is wickedly funny, completely brilliant, and has just celebrated ten years of wondrous episodes.

The setup:

Frank and Sadie Doyle are a well-to-do married couple living in a high rise apartment drinking martinis and sharing quips until they fall asleep in a stupor. Or at least that is their ambition when facing each day, promptly smashed by someone knocking at the door who will just not go away. These stubbornly desperate clients are usually haunted or some such thing. There are vampires, werewolves, demon clowns, genies, and teenagers of the corn for the duo to contend with or befriend as the case may be. Frank and Sadie are incredibly talented mediums, comfortably dispatching whatever comes their way without spilling a drop of their drinks. An admirable trait!

The cast:

Paul F. Thompkins and Paget Brewster have unbelievable chemistry as Frank and Sadie. They have been friends in real life for a long time, and this feeds into the magic back and forth I can feel between the two. I mean, it is a radio show and these actors so clearly make everything come alive in my minds eye:)

0f0bdbd226749f31c607601a3ea9212e_largeJames Urbaniak flits around in many roles on The Thrilling Adventure Hour, but my favorite is his performance as Nightmares the Clown for Beyond Belief. Sadie has no fear of him, no matter how creepy and horrible his shenanigans.

Chris Hardwick, Patton Oswalt, Nathan Fillian, David Foley, and many others guest star on the podcast. Love all of them!

Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, I am amazed by the writing for this classy and delightfully naughty show. There is nothing else like it out there; it is a singular creation. However long this airs, I will be listening.


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