5 Fandom Friday: My Comfort Films

This was the most difficult 5 Fandom Friday topic yet! Comfort films are quite a nostalgic genre, and that is not an easy thing to play favorites with.

1. Start the Revolution without Me

start-the-revolution-without-meGene WIlder and Donald Sutherland play two sets of twins in a pure romp satire of the Corsican Brothers and the French Revolution. It is hilarious, completely crazy, and Orson Welles pops up at the end as the narrator.

2. Megamind

Megamind-movie-image-12Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, and David Cross have personas and expressions that turn them into animated characters already, making them especially perfect for this Dreamworks superhero satire. Brad Pitt is unexpectedly hilarious as the so-called hero.

3. Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog

tumblr_m66qejpX0e1qfthydo1_500Joss Whedon does a super-villain musical! This is a guaranteed cure for any bad mood or cloud of disappointment that is being particularly stubborn.

4. The Hunt for Red October

191z1wht9bj3wjpgScott Glenn, Sean Connery, and Alec Baldwin play chicken with submarines. Something about that just makes me happy. Perhaps because they are such gentlemen about it.

5. Down with Love

tumblr_lm8tphighW1qiyk0yo1_500This is a modern take down of the sixties sex comedies with a full on knowing flirty wink and glorious style.

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