5 Fandom Friday: My Fictional Best Friends Forever !

If I were ever to meet these characters in real life, I would hope to become as close to them as Sherlock Holmes and his fireplace skull. That sounds weird, but I feel like it conveys an excellent kind of relationship. Even when you are dead and not even technically of this plane, I will talk to you as if you are while people look at us thinking ” What on earth is wrong with that person, and why do they act as if they have a history with that inanimate object? “


1. Peggy Carter

agent-carter_promo-cast-photosAgent Carter had a crazy well done first season, and a lot of that is due to Hayley Atwell as Peggy. She plays a character who uses her intelligence, fights with efficiency and force, and is classy as hell.


2. Felicity Smoak

Arrow_S03_E05_The_Secret_Origin_of_Felicity_Smoak-1024x576Felicity popped out of her IT desk at Queen Consolidated and became everyone’s favorite character on Arrow immediately. She is the lord master of all, or at least she really should be:)


3. Sloan Sabbith

PJGTPJtI will miss The Newsroom, and the badass that is Sloan Sabbith! Olivia Munn brought her to very vivid life for three seasons and she kept becoming more and more awesome.


4. Frank and Sadie Doyle

tumblr_mwkm5r882t1qzu9gno1_1280These two have such intense sparkly chemistry on Beyond Belief that they count as one character. The brilliant podcast that is The Thrilling Adventure Hour produces the serial show about a husband and wife in the 1940s who love martinis, each other, and solving spooky mysteries. Well, solving the mysteries is more the process to get everyone to leave them alone since they only really like each other. They are almost cursed with the ability to deal with the supernatural which brings all of these persistent clients to their door.


5. Alison Hendrix

ob_ep101_102_d3_0066Soon will be the third season of Orphan Black and I will get more Alison! She is so amazingly together when considering all of the crazy that she deals with. You are welcome, other clones, as Alison sweeps up your mess for you. Yeah she drinks a glass of wine as she does it, she needs the liquid patience!


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