Fantasy Fantastic Four Movie Casting

After finally breaking down and watching the new Fantastic Four trailer, my feelings of foreboding just got worse. Is it going to be a horrible movie? Probably. Could literally anyone have come up with better ideas that did not all scream “Hey, this is the worst idea ever, do not do this!” ? There is a more than fair chance. Thank you people with absolutely no instincts, for napalming a beloved franchise so that nothing will grow for at least ten years.

So yeah, I could not sleep until I came up with at least the first step of a great adaption: casting the crap out of it.

p.s. This has nothing to do with the cast of the movie, they actually seem like the strongest link of what made up the train-wreck of a preview. Casting is just the first step my brain builds when thinking of making an awesome film.

1. Regular Version

Add text(11)1Sue Storm / Invisible Woman: Alice Eve

Johnny Storm / The Torch: Jensen Ackles

Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic: James D’arcy

Ben Grimm / The Thing: Steve Carell

Doctor Doom: Jemaine Clement

2. Younger Adult Version

Add text(12)1Sue Storm / Invisible Woman: Briga Heelan

Johnny Storm / The Torch: Pete Davidson

Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic: Anton Yelchin

Ben Grimm / The Thing: Nicholas Hoult

Doctor Doom: Ryan Hansen

3. Musical Version

Add text(13)1Sue Storm / Invisible Woman: Megan Hilty

Johnny Storm / The Torch: Sean Hayes

Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic: Timothy Omundson

Ben Grimm / The Thing: Damian Lewis

Doctor Doom: Neil Patrick Harris

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