5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Snacks/Drinks To Consume While Blogging

My everyday snacks and drinks are fairly boring: Wheat Thins and Green Tea. So I have decided to take this 5 Fandom Friday prompt very literally and cover my absolute favorites instead! They are not for consumption all the time, but damn are they satisfying as a nice treat.

1. Diet Dr. Pepper & Whiskey

whiskThere is just something that feels especially decadent about a splash of Whiskey in my Diet Dr. Pepper. I enjoy a good end of the day ritual, and I have many that I rotate around according to mood. This is my favorite one, and swirling it around in a stemless wineglass gives me a creative second wind. Hmmmm, article idea that is baffling me, I smash you with my sudden relaxation and naughty grin!

2. Cheetos

cheetosYou majestic puffs of cheesy madness! Cheetos are the most problematic blogging snack, because I will get an idea and have to type it with one hand before I forget because my other is covered in cheese dust. No I cannot use my cheese hand, that stuff is very difficult to clean off my keyboard! No I cannot take Cheetos off the list, I eat way too much of them while writing!

3. Cheese

cheesefCheeeese. I may have a cheese problem. It is just so versatile and delicious! My husband knows to not touch my selected cheeses. He has his own pre-sliced monstrosities kept separate in their own area of the fridge. One day I shall have an entire fridge devoted to being a Cheese Box, like on Pushing Daises. Best. Idea. Ever.


4. Wine

winewWine with blogging is a nice Sunday ritual for me. During the week I will pour a glass as I make dinner and watch a couple episodes of Archer, Coupling, Key and Peele, or Marry Me. Netflix and Hulu pair nicely with some Cabernet Sauvignon.

5. Grilled cheese

gcwGrilled Cheese goes well when gaming on my PC or blogging. It also gets crazy delicious with wine or some whiskey. The simple things can be very satisfying, and make for a lovely evening:)

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