5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Name My Kids After

What made this 5 Fandom Friday difficult was not finding inspiring characters, but ones with names I would actually give my children. Would Sherlock, for example, be an amazing choice to my mind at the beginning only to have my child hate me later? Most likely. So here are my selections for names which I would be proud to attach to my offspring with the added knowledge that calling them these names would influence me to treat them like their namesake and possibly raise them to have many of the same traits. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Evil Laugh!

1. Gene Belcher

tumblr_n5tq82ZE2I1rpfukho2_500Do I feel strange when I look deep into my husband’s eyes and say “I am speaking to the sperm inside of you! Only the Gene Belcher ones of you are allowed to get me pregnant. To the rest of you, No! You let the Gene Belchers pass!”? No, because I feel that I am just giving my future baby a motivational speech.

2. Nora Charles

tumblr_mt8624P7i31s8siaso1_500If I have a daughter that grows up to be anything like Nora Charles, I have won at parenting:) Tough, polite, snarky in just the right amounts, intelligent, classy, and she possesses excellent taste in men. Not only are these admirable qualities, but the name Nora is just lovely. The only name I find prettier is Lara, but I feel that all parents that name their daughter that are obsessed with Doctor Zhivago. I only like it.

3. Bruce Campbell

Bruce-Campbell-in-OzBruce! Such a fabulous name and I choose Campbell as the particular namesake inspiration over Wayne. Ooooh, maybe I can make Batman the middle name. My child would have to explain that even though his first name is Bruce it is after Bruce Campbell, and not the Bruce alter ego of his middle name. Evil Laugh!!

4. Jeff Murdock

tumblr_m97xr3pglT1rovxbno1_500Coupling is one of the only shows about a group of thirty-somethings in a sitcom environment that I do not wish to constantly punch in the face. Much of this is due to the brilliant ramblings and shenanigans of Richard Coyle as Jeffrey. He always finds himself in the most delicate of situations which he mishandles only by thinking too much. Jeff has a theory for everything, and in depth hilarious explanations for how he arrived at these conclusions.

5. Mathilda

imagesmI first saw Leon (The Professional) when I was Natalie Portman’s age in the film. This was her first role, and I am still waiting to see if they are ever going to get around to doing that sequel that I keep hearing about. For real, after this movie I wanted to train as an assassin. It seemed like a good way to make money and I felt it would be something I could be good at. I ended up coming to the realization that the people able to train me probably could not be trusted, and I would most likely end up betrayed by them. So that career path was just not to be. Mathilda is a survivor, adapts fast, and has excellent instincts. She goes back to that amazing girls school at the end not because she has no where else to go, but because she understands that education is one more way to give her an advantage to better survive. Great character, perfect name.

3 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Name My Kids After

    1. lol, I am glad we has the same thought occur to us. I mean, there should be a pause and consider before something permanent like that. Like getting a fandom tattoo, a loooot of consideration has to go into that even though most of them look gorgeous:)


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