Favorite Fictional Couples I Ship

There are a vast amount of adorable and perfect fictional couples out there. For this weeks 5 Fandom Friday, I really needed to narrow it down a bit. Enter the specific realm of Murder Mysteries; world of crime solving duos armed with well stocked bars and good old fashioned know-how. This is one of my favorite genres, and one which breeds some amazingly well matched pairs.

1. Charlie and Nicola Buchanan from Mr. and Mrs. Murder

mr-mrs-murder-620x349This is an Australian Murder Mystery Comedy, and I absolutely recommend it. I came upon this after finishing the brilliant Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, which has a darker story arc at the core of all its’ dazzling mayhem. Mr. & Mrs. Murder is comparatively light fare that nevertheless establishes well drawn characters and relationships. Watching the first episode I felt like I knew exactly what was going to happen, but I was so very wrong. Here is a married couple that work together as Crime Scene Cleanup specialists, and they are played so genuinely and with the most amazing chemistry between the two leads that the show becomes more about their marriage than the mystery they are solving. They are truly an updated Nick and Nora, and that is not an easy goal to accomplish!

2. Nick and Nora from The Thin Man Series

nick-and-nora-drinkThere are many things which make up this perfect mystery solving couple: The ability to down martinis and still outsmart a dangerous foe; charming suspects into relaxing and giving themselves away while having tough friends to hold them down if needed; and having absolute respect and love for your partner. They are the ultimate standard in class and wit with a dash of murder!

3. Chuck and Ned from Pushing Daisies

pushing_daisies_37379This show is a glorious exercise of a bright fairy tale with a delightful dark side. Chuck is no damsel, and Ned is charmingly flawed in places. Byran Fuller creates this world where a dead girl becomes so completely alive, and love is not killed by obstacles. One of the best shows overall that I have ever seen.

4. Amanda Fitton and Campion

Peter-Davison-as-Alfred-CampionPeter Davidson starred in this Mystery show Campion after leaving Doctor Who, and I am very happy about it. He is just so proper, gentlemanly, intelligent, and has a solid fighting stance. So many sweater vests get mussed in the name of honor and mystery. In the novels, Campion eventually marries Amanda Fitton, a wonderfully headstrong lady. The series has Amanda in the first two episodes of the second season, but was cancelled before they could cover their relationship past this first meeting and adventure. I could have watched the two of them solve mysteries for years, they were so in sync with each other.

5. Jane Cooper and Inspector Larry Bird from Miss Marple

2iAt Bertram’s Hotel is a wonderful episode from the Geraldine McEwan run of the Miss Marple series. It happens to feature my favorite couple brought together by Marple’s various activities, although by no means the only one. Heck, Benedict Cumberbatch even stars in one of her adventures and finds himself paired with a stubborn American lady! Here, a hotel maid who is smarter than everyone around her attracts the Inspector, in charge of catching a killer, with her brain. She leaves her employment to be with her excellent man find and to try to become a detective herself. This is a fabulous ambition to show during the era, and I love seeing a female character written with good sense as well as taste.

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