5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Funko Pop Figures

Funko figures are so adorable, and they keep expanding their line to include more and more tv and movie characters. I will need to get some more shelves because they are the perfect mix of cute and badass that I neeeeeeeeeed.

1. Skipper from The Penguins of Madagascar

The Penguins of Madagascar is one of my favorite shows, and the movie was the cutest thing ever. Benedict Cumberbatch tried to keep the little super spy penguins safe, but the little scamps just kept making trouble and saving the day. I love that the Skipper Funko figure has his Cheezy Dibbles!

2. Alison from Orphan Black

Alison is my favorite clone. She drinks a lot of wine, has everything organized, knows how to get a gun while being cute and polite, and is just a classy lady. The only thing that would make this figure better is a glue gun:)

3. Tyrion from Game of Thrones

I have a confession to make: I am not a Game of Thrones person. Hey, I tried, but the insest, rape, and general disgusting nature of the show overshadowed anything else for me. Peter Dinklage is almost enough to make the show watchable, but he is not in every episode to the extent I would need to even everything out. I end up watching youtube clips of Peter kicking ass and telling the other characters in vast detail how much he hates them and why they are stupid. One of these days there will be a Tyrion Cut of Game of Thrones that I can actually watch, and I look forward to that day.
Peter Dinklage in Knights of Badassdom, love that movie!

4. Castiel from Supernatural

Misha Collins adds his kooky goof with dashes of intense energy to Supernatural as Castiel. This is one of the reasons that the show has aged well and gotten even better as time goes on. Mark Sheppard as Crowley is another of those reasons, and I love when Cas and Crowley get into shenanigans together!

5. Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China

This is why Funko is the best; they go the extra mile to include the cult classics and pay them proper homage. John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China is covered with not only a Jack Burton figure, but Gracie Law and Lo-Pan as well! I do kind of feel that Gracie’s eyes should be green instead of the black, but that is a bit nitpicky. The check is in the mail, Funko!

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