Top 10 1940’s Style Adventure Movies

Agent Carter has been so perfectly done that it has fueled my appetite for 1940’s style nostalgia films.  Here are my Top 10 favorites!
There is no beating Indiana Jones for fedora wearing adventure fun! Even the Temple of Doom and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull can not negate my love for the franchise.
It is funny to think that Captain America was seen as a risk since it needed to be set during the 1940’s for his origin story. I love that it not only turned out so well, but was also successful at the box office. It shows that the style can appeal to a wide variety of people.
 “No smoking in the skull cave.” – One of the lines that make this film a classic. Billy Zane, Kristy Swanson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Treat Williams work together for a perfect comic adaptation.
This one is magnificently tongue-in-cheek. A radio network frantically deals with murders while putting on show after show for their investors. Christopher Lloyd is adorable as the sound effects guy searching for the perfect melon to make a bashed in head sound.
This is technically not set in the 1940’s, but I am making an exception since it is very much a product of that time. The soundtrack by Queen adds to the unequaled epicness of Brian Blessed and Max Van Sydow.
Timothy Dalton, you naughty man! This is an amazing period piece with a good deal of heart.
Disney really loves this era! A wonderful take on the private eye schtick, with the ultimate femme fatale.
 Alec Baldwin in an radio play adaptation, albeit a darker one! I am glad that those are coming back in style more, including new takes on the genre like The Thrilling Adventure Hour.
 The Coen brothers’ take is a bit Frank Capra, in a silly, dark, and observational way.
This film kind of creeped me out when I was younger, which just makes it more of a perfect Dick Tracy adaption. It’s a creepy world.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 1940’s Style Adventure Movies

  1. I love Radioland Murders! It's one of my favorite movies 🙂

    Also re: The Hudsucker Proxy – it occupies a black hole in my mind. I know for a fact I've seen that movie at least four or five times, but I can never for the life of me remember what it's about. Except there's a circle on a paper that turns into a hula hoop. I should probably try to watch it again 🙂


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