5 Fandom Friday: New Years Blogging Resolutions

1. Do More Reviews – Movie, TV, and Book Categories

I discover and watch stuff all the time, I just need to take a pause and actually write about them.

2. Have Themed Days of the Week for Posts

I am trying different kinds of posts, and this would help to organize them into a production schedule.

3. Learn How to Use Twitter

I have finally given in and created a Twitter profile, but I feel like I am only seeing the bare surface of what can be done with it.

4. Discovering and Supporting Female Comics

This is actually a series I meant to get started on this past year, and I have no excuse for the delay except laziness. In researching comedy a couple of months ago, it started to make me feel annoyed that there are so many more famous male comics than female ones. Even my personal favorite comedians list is heavily male. While I have seen various opinions for less females in the stand-up spotlight ranging from “ladies are just not funny” to “girls do not need to be funny, they have boobs”, after looking into it I found out just how much hogwash that all is. There are a surprising number of women breaking into digital specials and putting their material out there any way they can. I was ashamed of myself to learn that it took such a tiny amount of effort to find lists of these talented ladies, and all that was needed was to just look. My series would highlight a new female comic every week, after viewing any videos and work. These ladies deserve some recognition, and I love finding new comics!

5. Just  Write

Writing is a process, and one where I know the best thing to do is to start writing. Just start.

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