Film Marathon Theme: In Honor of ‘The Interview’ Situation

Sony has resolved all of the craziness happening with The Interview by completely canceling its’ release. I can see their point, especially since most theaters were not even going to show the film as a result of the threats from North Korea, but this also sets a bad example. Several more projects whose plots included North Korea have already halted and cancelled all production, including one with Steve Carell. How can we move forward while voluntarily censoring ourselves to this extent? Why is The Interview not at least going to be released for Video On Demand? That just makes everything more ridiculous than it already was. My mood right now is that I am going to watch this freaking movie! Even if I have to do so by watching a series of films to get the basic elements of it, so be it, and afterwards I will feel so much better because:
To help purge myself of these feelings I have put together a movie marathon as a way to watch the issues, themes, and buddy duo of The Interview without actually being able to see it.
Let’s Do This!

The Marathon Substitute for The Interview:

Team America: World Police

Pineapple Express

The Manchurian Candidate

Tropic Thunder

V for Vendetta


This Is the End

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