Top 25 Christmas Movies

Katherine Hepburn is the head of the research librarian department and plays the woman that I wish to become some day.
Another Christmas classic, David Niven and Ginger Rogers go slightly screwball with a touch of social satire.
This is only technically a Christmas film because of the end sequence, but it counts! Preston Sturges at his best, and one of the funniest films ever made.
Billy Wilder takes us through Christmas and New Years using the experiences of C.C. Baxter, a regular guy just trying to get ahead.
Nick and Nora are always wonderful and welcome for the holidays.
This was remade as You’ve Got Mail, which is cute but does not get close to the pure sweetness and humanity of the original.
A musical version of The Christmas Carol with The Muppets and Michael Caine! The only problem I have that for some reason the lovely song When Love is Gone is missing from the U.S. release of the film.
 Ryan Reynolds is perfect for this mix of high school issues, family, and winning the girl he loves.
 Natalie Woods has the cutest skeptical face as adults around her try to convince her that Santa is real.
Barbara Stanwyck pretends to have Martha Stewart powers and a husband for her paying column, unfortunately the magazine editor wishes to attend the holidays at her pretend cabin along with a soldier recently returned home.
Will Farrel proved with this film that he is far from a one trick pony. This is a beautiful love letter to the Christmas season with the perfect amount of nostalgia and humor.
Jack Skellington and Sally are always in season in this inspired film that is still unique as ever.
A very young John Cusack is in this It Happened One Night semi-remake and I love it!

Nora Ephron writes a relationship that builds throughout the ages with some of the best dialog ever between two human beings.

Denis Leary just wants to get his getaway boat working so he can escape the crazy dysfunctional family that is only slightly useful as cover from the police.
Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman have a refreshing amount of chemistry in this holiday romantic comedy.
Hans Gruber just makes me happy.
I grew up watching this Humphrey Bogart dark comedy classic, which is an awesome take on the Three Wise Men tale.
Terry Gilliam has a very interesting and incredible view of how to put together a Christmas movie.
This was the first movie I ever saw in the theater, and it remains a favorite.
Gary Cooper shows off his earnest face and good intentions which get taken out of context by some real scrooges.
The definition of a badass Christmas movie!
Three crooks take advantage of what turns out to be the most helpful and innocent small town possible. This makes for a huge dose of holiday guilt.
Getting along with potential in-laws is always a prickly situation, and this showcases the worst case scenario working out in the best way.

Do you want some stylish gorgeousness in your Christmas thriller?

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