5 Fandom Friday: Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice A Night Of Sleep For

 1. Apple iMac

I have always been a PC person, but I would make an exception for this so quickly, my current desktop would be smashed by the movement of my swift greedy hands. Soooooo pretty, functional, and expensive!

2. Pastel Blue SMEG Retro Refrigerator

This is a gorgeous fridge, and it says Smeg on the front! Style with an accidental, but still works for me, Red Dwarf reference makes this completely irresistible.

3. Skull Cardigan/Various Clothes Shopping

I have been eyeing this awesome Modcloth cardigan as well as some other clothes selections, and Cyber Monday is the perfect time to take down the carefully selected prey that I have been hunting.

4. Owl One Piece Pajamas

These are some incredibly adorable pjs, yet are usually too expensive for me to seriously consider. Especially for something that I do not truly need….but they are on sale for now so I need them a lot!

5. Cinelinx: A Card Game for People Who Love Movies

I have been loving the card and board games selection lately, especially Cards Against Humanity and Catan. Aint it Cool News always puts out a very comprehensive Christmas gift guide, and this was one of the many things that caught my eye.

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