My Top 10 Footie Pajama Finds

There have been more and more Footie Pajamas in stores over recent years. They have tempted me with their siren song of adorable awesomeness until I finally gave in. Putting on my first pair, a Rudolpf the Red-nosed Reindeer from Fred Meyers, felt like a comfy key needed to make me feel complete. Now, of course, I am obsessed with them! I have searched the internet for new additions to what will eventually become my all Footie wardrobe, and these are my favorites so far:

1. Star Wars Boba Fett Adult Costume Pajamas

2. Doctor Who TARDIS One Piece Pajama Costume

3. Owl Cosplay Pajamas

4. Star Wars Dark Side Adult Footed Pajamas

5. Pink Panther Star Struck Pink Fleece Footie Pajama

6. Star Trek Uniform Footie Union Suit

7. Corgi Cosplay Pajamas

8. Batgirl Fleece Pajamas

9. Rudolpf the Red-Nosed Reindeer Pajama

10. Fox Hooded Pajama


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