Exploring the Nerve Endings of My Funny Bone

As a modern lady, I face certain widely differing expectations regarding every aspect of my life. If I paid much attention to this anymore, I would always feel either too girly or not girly enough at all times. This is no way to live a full life, so I have pulled the plug and now simply endeavor to try to be honest with myself about what I actually enjoy, and what I want. Expectations be damned.

Humor is something so universal, yet men and women seem to have their own separate groups that they are meant to enjoy. Actually, men are supposed to watch comedy, and women have had a “women’s comedy” genre made for them. Why the separation? Why not have everything together, and just label the different brands of comedy? Family, Relationship, Sex, Parents, Men ( comedians of both genders talk about the sexes ), Women, Gross, Politics, Religion, The World, etc. There are Women comedians, and then there are Women’s Issues and Experiences comedians. These are different things, because a great deal of female comics talk mainly about the human experience, not just the solely woman’s perspective. In fact, a female comedian that only talks about dating men, waxing, and other various lady activities usually comes across as annoying to us. This actually makes me admire the very few that can take this brand of comedy and bring something fresh and honest to it, and basically do not end up coming off like a frivolous ditz. The rest of the lady comedians I admire because they take on the whole of life, and they grab it by the balls just as thoroughly and hilariously as a man. Here I lay out my top ten Stand-ups, Comedy Movies, and Comedy TV Shows. They encompass both genders, and they define my sense of what is funny. Not as a lady, but as a person who happens to be female.

Favorite Stand ups:

1. Patton Oswalt

patton_oswaltBrands of Comedy: Star Wars, Geek Life, Depression, Bit of Drugs, Sex, Growing Up, Marriage, Kids

2. Louie C.K.

Louis-ckBeing a Father, Marriage, Divorce, Kids, Sex, Food, Women, Idiots, Money

3. Dylan Moran

0910_dylan_h_208595tVery Irish, Matter of Fact, Family, Alcohol, Kids, Cake, Love, State of the World

4. Eddie Izzard

British, Executive Transvestite, Politics, History, Life, Religion, Star Wars

  5. Garfunkel and Oates

BN-EC794_oates_G_20140814161302Relationships, Sex, Work, Honest Observations of Life, Idiots, Funny Gorgeous Songs

6. Michael Ian Black

michael-ian-black-11-29-2011-5Well Phrased Structure, Frankenstein, Airplanes, Marriage, Kids, Lightweight Reactions to Alcohol, Friendly Sarcasm, Life, Being a Non-Traditional Man

7. Chelsea Handler

1350326674_chelsea-handler-290  Having a Vagina, Men, Alcohol, Traveling, Friends, Loyalty, Life, Dealing with Embarrassing Situations, Chunk, Owning her Experiences

8. John Mulaney

mulaney-picMatter of Fact, Being a Man-child, Law and Order, Impressions, Life, Friends, Growing Up, Relationships

9. Iliza Schlesinger

Iliza_small  Dealing with Girls as Friends, Dating, Sex, Going Out, Men, Snarky Observations of Life, Honest

 10. Aziz Ansari

azizansari2Geek Life, Reality of his Fame, Kanye West, Family, Women, Grand Showman

Favorite Comedy Movies:

1. The Heat

the-heat-1 A Lady Cop Meets a Lady FBI Agent and Becomes My Favorite Cop Buddy Movie Ever, Shit Happens That’s Why You Need a Partner That Has Your Back, Dealing With Bosses, Taking Down Criminals, Paperwork, Alcohol, Family

2. Hot Fuzz

hot-fuzzThe Middle of the British Cornetto Trilogy, Police Movie Satire, Friendship, Small Town Life, Puns and Wordplay, Deadpan

3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty-Python-Holy-GrailMiddle Ages Humor, Superstitions, Politics, People from Other Lands, Magic, King Arthur Legend, Archeology, British

4. Megamind

Megamind-movie-image-12The Ultimate in Taking on the Superhero and Villain Tropes, Satire, Growing Up, Dating, Expectations, Friendship

5. Kung Fu Hustle

kung-fu-hustle-6Stephen Chow Does Buster Keaton and it is Amazing, Kung-Fu Humor That is Actually Funny

6. Super Troopers

2801885-supertroopersCanadian Humor, Broken Lizard at Their Best, The Group of Offbeat but Good Guys Overcome the Assholes

7. Young Frankenstein

1297635399Marty Feldman, Cloris Leachman, Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, and Mel Brooks Play with the Frankenstein Tale, Satire, Family Issues, Workplace Issues, Dealing with the Local Government, Marriage

8. Horrible Bosses

horrible _bosses01Workplace Horrors, Realities of the Current Economic Environment, What Happens When Three Guys Try to Regain Control of Their Lives and Things Do Not Go According to Plan

9. Cold Comfort Farm

Flora and SethVery British, Based on Novel of the Same Name That Made Fun of the Many “Dark and Moody” Novels Popular in the 1930s, Satire, A Balm for People Tired of Downton Abbey

10. Ghost Town

GHOST TOWNBritish, Dry, Some Romantic Comedy Elements, Anti-Social Dentist Kinda Sorta Dies and Then is Forced to Live an Actual Life

Favorite Comedy TV Shows:

1. Bob’s Burgers

Bobs-burgers-seaplaneLoren Bouchard is The Man!, Animated Family Comedy, Perfect Cast, Hilarious and Well Done Songs, Owning a Small Business, Marriage

2. Archer

maxresdefaultWorkplace Comedy First, Then Spy Comedy, Family Issues, A Sprinkling of Mad Men Moral Satire, Dating, Crazy Rich People, Politics, Sex

3. South Park

s18e03_480Still Going Strong, South Park; Puts Life into Perspective by Laughing at the Ridiculousness of it

4. Red Dwarf

Red DwarfLost in Deep Space Comedy, British, Last Man in the Known Universe and his Driven to the Brink of Madness Ship Computer, Evolved Cat, and Smeghead Hologram “Friend”

5. The Penguins of Madagascar

tumblr_m79nqsoRxX1rx0k2do1_500Technically a Children’s Show but There is More to it for Adults to Enjoy as Well, Superspy Satire Done With Penguins, Genius!

6. The Ricky Gervais Show

rickygervais04-660Animation of Podcasts with Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington; More British Humor, Clash of Minds but in a Funny Way

7. Parks and Recreation

rs_500x250-140109091101-tumblr_mxodppKVSk1syeot2o1_500Government Red Tape, Politics, Being a Female With Aspirations and Ideals, Friendship, Many Workplace Issues, Relationships, Marriage, Making Your Way Through Life

8. The Venture Brothers

GgV5zolSatire of Johnny Quest and Super Science, Family, Being a Complete Failure, Gorgeous Animation of Ridiculous and Fabulous Things, A 60s Style Cartoon With a Naughty Bite

9. Black Books

largeIrishman Who Hates People Opens a Bookshop, Dylan Moran is the Best, Alcohol, Yelling at Customers, Reading, Wanting to Stay in Your Comfortable Corner of Life and Not Be Bothered

10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

B99.2shot.vert.A.JPGAndy Samberg Does Cop Comedy, The Captain ( Andre ) is Pure Deadpan Humor, Terry Crews is Hilarious in All That He Does, The Cast Gels and Works Off Each Other Crazy Well From the First Episode

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