Lady Halloween Cosplay – Penelope Wilhern from Penelope

Mask, Coat, Scarf, Button Pins for Coat, Dress, Shoes, Gloves, Belt, Tights

This is one of the best Fantasy films I have seen in recent years, so I could not resist putting together a Penelope cosplay. There was not a great amount to choose from that even came close to the scarf, so I picked an approximation. There is a store on Etsy that is selling a replica, but as there is only one available, not the best choice for my series. I prefer to choose items with a wide range of sizes that are not almost out of stock to better share with more people. The one here has similar colors and a lovely flower pattern, which references Penelope’s interest in horticulture. The coat just needs these cute button pins attached to the front to make it look right. Below I am including two Penelope inspired outfits, just because I could not help myself:)

Outfit #1: Butterfly Shirt, Jumper, Tights, Shoes, Flower Hairpins, Necklace
Outfit #2: Shirt, Brooch, Belt, Skirt, Tights, Shoes, Purse

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