South Park Season Eighteen, Episode One: Go Fund Yourself

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, you wonderfully naughty boys. I admit to replaying South Park episodes more than a lady my age probably should, but the episodes just keep being awesome. “Go Fund Yourself” was another premiere win. They hit the Washington Redskins, Kickstarter, the NFL, and hipsters with their satire boom stick. The boys decide to start a Kickstarter so that they will never need to do anything ever again. The problem is that all semi reasonable names have been taken by other Kickstarter members. With the controversy about the Washington Redskins’ name finally gaining traction, it becomes free of copyright protection and up for grabs. Cartman of course takes advantage of this and the group starts getting money for their Washington Redskins do nothing company. There are threads of the sex abuse scandals as well as the incompetent way the NFL has handled them. There are also bits of the Washington Redskins football team being total hypocrites and going to any lengths to reclaim exclusive ownership of their team name. Never mind that it is just as insensitive of them and serves to make them look even more idiotic. It helps to laugh at these ridiculous things, for the sake of sanity. Thank you South Park, Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver for allowing me to not curl up in an impenetrable ball of anger.

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