Gotham Series Premiere

The anticipation for this series was nice while it lasted. Oh, to go back to the happy days looking forward to seeing the origin story for James Gordon and the Batman gang. I mean, especially when I read that Donal Logue was signed to play Harvey Bullock. Such a perfect moment. Talk about a guy that is always a badass talent, and I absolutely loved him in the shows Terriers and Life.

Every now and then I had moments of concern, as I always do when any comic book adaptation is being made. Especially one produced by the notorious Fox network. Cancelling Almost Human last season? Really? Of course that is just the most recent bad decision made by them, but at least it turned out to be a great show. Oh, lowered expectations, the curse of experience.

Watching the premiere of Gotham was a process of accepting that it was actually pretty bad. The nicest word I can use to describe it is lackluster. This is not to say that it looked bad, because the graphics were impeccable, it was simply…soulless. From the same obligatory death scene for Bruce’s parents complete with bouncing pearls, to changing most of the characters into “regular people” with quirks, it feels like they changed all the wrong things in this reworking of the Batman fables. It is like they decided to make the franchise even more universally appealing by playing up the police department into a Batman:CSI. From what Montoya’s partner said, he is most likely going to turn out to be Mr. Freeze.  Edward Nygma works as the wanna be Q of the department, except everyone hates him. Penguin is a flunky to the big Fish of crime in town. I wanted to like the Penguin, but there is not enough of him here to tell yet. Then there is an appearance by Ivy. Why the little girl’s name was changed from Pamela Isley to Ivy Pepper, I have no idea. I guess a redhead girl who takes care of an apartment full of plants needs a more bash you on the head with obviousness name. Thank you for coming, welcome to Batman for dummies. Any story lines that have been changed will be stated very clearly and fully by our characters so as to do away with any confusion, or any of that pesky plot development. Selina Kyle features throughout the pilot, and is only somewhat mysterious because she says nothing.

The saving grace of the show is Alfred, played as a gruff no nonsense Australian. The actors playing Harvey and James come in second place. They are both very capable, they just do not have a lot to work with. Like two statues of gladiators, ever poised and scowling, but frozen at the point before something interesting might happen.

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