Lady Cosplay: Aidy Bryant from Saturday Night Live

Hair Claws, Lisa Frank Stickers, Dress, Cardigan

Aidy Bryant is one of the best parts of SNL since the rearranging and influx of new cast members. Her part in The Girlfriend Talk Show as a confidant, unique, and intelligent teenager is quite refreshing and welcome. “I’m dating the woman I’m becoming and I love every moment with her!” A bonus costume idea would be her Broadway aficionado who wanders into the cold open for last seasons’ Melissa McCarthy episode:

Or as ‘Lil Baby Aidy in the “Do it On My Twin Bed” music video:Or as the poor lady with two broken arms who consequently relies on her husband to act as her hands. This would be a cute couple costume:Or really any number of skits featuring her brand of sparkle magic.

“Oh My!”sign

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