Exploring My Feelings About Cecily Stong Leaving Weekend Update as Co-Anchor

The 40th season of Saturday Night Live has had some changes, and I am trying to resolve my conflicting emotions about some of them. After half of the last season had Colin Jost and Cecily Strong manning Weekend Update, Cecily has been replaced by Michael Che. I might need to Pro and Con list my way through this.

Pros –

  • I believe that improvised and live comedy has a well earned place on television.
  • SNL was the springboard for Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, Jane Curtain, and many other women comedians.
  • Even after the mass cast change over the past couple of years, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, and Kate McKinnon have quickly shown that SNL is still a place where the ladies can bring it. It was not just an era of lightning in a bottle that ended with Kristen Wiig.
  • When Cecily Strong first joined Seth Meyers on the Weekend Update desk, they bounced chemistry and wit off each other with ease, and it made them oh so obviously a perfect team.
  • Michael Che is definitely not new to SNL, and was a writer up to very recently, when he went over to The Daily Show. He is a wonderful talent, I am glad he has come back, and look forward to seeing him more. His Daily Show send off was pretty epic:)
  • John Mulaney is getting his own show, and I can not wait, cause he is so freaking funny! One of my favorite stand-ups and I love every single thing he did while at SNL. ( This is more of an general SNL Pro rather than one about the particular issue I am having )
  • Che is the first minority since Horatio Sands to feature as anchor.
  • Cecily has made it fairly clear that she is on board with the change up and is looking forward to having more time for her other characters.

Cons –

  • Seth Meyers left to host Late Night, and was replaced as head writer and Weekend Update chair with Colin Jost. This con, to be clear, is about losing Seth cause I miss him so much! Colin is perfectly lovely, so he is not the con, I just love Seth. Sethily!
  • Cecily Strong is longer an Update anchor.
  • I can’t help but wonder how Cecily and Michael Che would have worked together, and I hope that she will be featured as a walk on to Update often to make that feel less like an opportunity missed.
  • Why did Seth and John Mulaney never co-anchor? I kept waiting for that to happen, and then Mulaney left. And then Seth left. And now I really need to let that go. Le sigh.
  • There is no lady energy at the Update desk. Again.
  • Jost and Strong did not spark off each other but this may have improved given more time.
  • Cecily was not the weak link, it was Jost. However, since he is the head writer, I agree that it is important for him to remain on the Update desk. I am sure that he will improve with time, and I guess he needed a partner to better connect with.

What this all boils down to is that ultimately, I understand why they have switched out Cecily Strong for Michael Che. It was a matter of making Weekend Update flow and better serve its’ purpose as the core of the show. As the rapport between the head writer and featured players improves at this core, so does the show as a whole. I am just not going to feel right about it until I see how it is handled throughout this season.

Now that I have written down my more civilized reasoning, I feel that I should include some honest truths about the other side of my reasoning. My, shall we say, lady brain reaction to this development. It went as follows:

  •  They took her off what?! But she was the best part of Weekend Update!
  • Oh, really, so it’s going to be another guy now? Yes, replace the talented female with another dude cause I guess Colin is just not old enough to feel comfortable working that closely with a lady.
  • I mean, whenever I see them together, Colin looks at Cecily with a mix of terror and trying not to picture her naked.
  • He’s like a grown up version of Jacob, the bar mitzvah boy.
Cecily and Jacob
  • No, stop, I am sure he is not that bad, he just looks awkward and stiff because he is new to this.
  • But then why not give it more time, at least let him adjust until they decide to switch her out?
  • I miss Seth Meyers. That was a guy that could really work with the ladies. You know what it was? He saw them as people. Go back and watch Seth co-anchor with Amy Poehler or Cecily Strong. He looks like he is in heaven! Not because he is next to a pretty lady, but because he truly enjoyed working with them. He has a great back and forth with them, and when a joke they say lands with him, he throws it right back.
  • Okay, apparently Cecily is fine with all of this. Such a classy lady.
  • Well, if this ends up with her happy, I can’t be too mad about it.
  • But we shall she, shan’t we?
  • If this ends up with less skits with the girls because Saturday Night Live does not want to deal with women, then I will be very upset.
  • Amy Poehler and Tina Fey won’t let that happen. I mean, they’re busy, but I feel like if they needed to intervene they would make it happen.
  • Watch out Colin Jost, go too far with the exclusive man love as head writer, and you may wake up in the middle of the night with Amy and Tina standing next to your bed in the dark. Just staring at you. Seth Meyers will be out in the hall with your mother, and they will all be judging you.
  • Or more likely, they will smack you upside the head and put Cecily back on Update. By herself!
  • Okay, I’m fine now.

One thought on “Exploring My Feelings About Cecily Stong Leaving Weekend Update as Co-Anchor

  1. Colin Jost is a poor replacement for Seth Meyers. He's adorable and all, but he doesn't look comfortable in front of the camera at all. I think SNL needed Cecily to get back into the skits, the players they added ( and then let go of) last season were yikes. I have been a fan of the show for a very long time, but it's at the point now where they either need to get new writers and few new strong players, or they need to cancel the show. Justin Timberlake can't always come on and save the day.

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