Lady Cosplay – Daisy Steiner from Spaced

Glasses, Necklace, Shirt, Kimono, Sweatshirt, Shoes, Shorts, Slippers, Keychain

Spaced is the seed from whence so much awesome sprung into this world! Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes, and Edgar Wright were the brilliant orchestrators of this show and now so much more. It is a pleasure to see them work together on any project as each of their talents complement each other so well. Edgar, Nick, and Simon have completed their Cornetto Trilogy and are now names in Hollywood that can pretty much do as they please. Jessica is the only one of the group that has stayed in British Television, and is still writing successful programs for it.

Daisy Appreciation:

Focusing on her almost written words.
Taking a break from trying to turn her ideas into marketable articles.
Daisy meets the outside workforce. This also serves to make me jealous of the British employment systems.
She is a true example of the modern lady.
Tim and Daisy, being perfect.

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