Lady Cosplay – Amanda Fitton from Campion

Beanie, Scarf, Necklace, Shirt, Overalls, Oxfords

After leaving Doctor Who, Peter Davidson stared in Campion for its’ two season run. Based on a series of mystery novels, Campion is a very British aristocrat that wants very little to do with the pomp and circumstance that tends to come with being born to a title. Instead, he solves mysteries and in general protects people that need it.

The second season begins with “Sweet Danger,” where we meet Amanda Fitton played by Lysette Anthony ( She went on to play Angelique in Dark Shadows ). She flits through the story, is incredibly competent, knows much more than she seems to, and even saves the hero. Basicially, Amanda is like the TARDIS, leading him where he needs to go, and knowing the best way to deal with whatever comes up.

Campion and Amanda

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