Quick Draw Season One

Quick Draw is an Improvised Western Comedy from the team of John Lehr ( who also stars as Sheriff Hoyle ) and Nancy Hower.  Before watching any episodes, that description was enough to make me curious. To be honest, I had limited expectations. I figured it would just end up being depressingly bad, especially since it has been ages since a Western show the like of Brisco County Jr. Seeing it pop up on my Hulu dashboard once again, I broke down one night and clicked on the first episode as I started making dinner. Then the second episode, and then up until I was caught up on the series. Quick Draw is one of those shows like Bob’s Burgers; you might not catch it when it first comes out, but as soon as you know what you have been missing, you devour it whole. Thank you Netflix and Hulu, for enabling my obsessive once activated appetite.

** Spoilers

Sheriff John Henry Hoyle is a Harvard educated man who has come to the town of Great Bend to try helping these backwards small town citizens.

The fact that a loooot of people died at this period in history, and was accepted with a matter of fact attitude is played up and always hilarious.

The Sheriff may seem bumbling, but his skill with a pistol makes him worthy of respect. And he runs out of bullets, cause that is how guns work.

The deputy, Eli, has lived through the past Sheriffs being killed in various ways. He just wants to get through the day without dealing with too much that is murder and mayhem. He never really gets his way, but he gets to let off steam at night.

Eli’s Hangover Cure:
1. Eat this pickled eye
2. Eat this one too, this ones hairy
3. Lick the sweat off arm
4. Throw up with a purge of the stomach

The Brothel and Saloon owner, Honey Shaw, is the smartest person in town. She has learned that men are for business transactions, not for trust. The Sheriff spends all of his paycheck on a whole night with Honey playing his girlfriend. He even has her do “tell me what’s in your imagination” games. Hoyle tries to spend as much time as possible with her, and wears her down enough with never ending affection to go on a off the books picnic together.

Pearl is Sheriff Hoyle’s new found step daughter who gives up her life of crime to go straight and be a whore. Hoyle wants to marry her to one of his well to do friends, but she is insistent on making her own way. Honey loves her like a daughter, and trusts her more than anyone.

Vernon, the undertaker, keeps getting deputized against his will and very much wants Pearl to fall in love with him. He starts his campaign to this end while he is looking after her during her stint in the Great Bend jail. Never read a potential lady love a pretend story called “My Captor and Me” unless you are getting a very specific vibe from her. Cause that is just not generally going to go well.

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