Store-bought Holloween Costumes for Women are a Total Downer

Halloween happens to be my favorite time of the year, and one which I tend to draw out as long as possible. One issue that I have with the best holiday ever, however, is the shall we say….incredibly crappy costumes made available for women. Now, I admit that this is not exactly a problem that affects me since I have not purchased a store bought costume for a good many years now. I just wish that ladies had better options for when we do not have time to put something custom together. Looking at the Halloween Costume websites every year is something that fires my inspiration to beat the new costumes with a quality stick of my own creation that rips their ridiculous, shoddy, yet somehow expensive choices into bitty little pieces. Teeeeny tiny pieces of party hooker-ware. Spirit is the one store that is at least trying to put out stuff that is not basically street lingerie versions of popular characters. They also have the best Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora option that I have seen so far, so I still have an amount of respect for them. Winding down to the end of my rant now. If these sellers would just stop listing lingerie as full on costumes, that would be awesome. We are even charged more than men for a slutted up costume of the same character. Why would we pay more for that bullcrap?

A visual example of why I am annoyed:

Really? This is Bumblebee? Really? And $79.99? No.
Yup, Bumblebee. And $49.99.

Some Exceptions to this Disturbing Trend:

Orange is the New Black
Carmen Sandiego!
 Not a bad Gamora

6 thoughts on “Store-bought Holloween Costumes for Women are a Total Downer

  1. If we weren't repressing sexuality on a the daily in women, I bet this would be less of a problem. Companies make tons of money on sexy costumes because women really buy them– and they buy them because this is the one night a year they get a big free pass on what they're wearing. I think more women, if they were more allowed to feel sexy and experiment with their sexuality on the regular, would probably not go out of their way to buy as many hyper-sexualized, cheaply-made, over-priced outfits on halloween. And then because of the face of the market, we'd get a better variety of premade costumes.

    I'm also like, very puzzled by the things that get sexualized– like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? But then, sexy women? idk I don't get it hahaha!


  2. Yeah, it is a bummer. I mean, if a girl WANTS to dress like that then cool, you do you, but there's plenty (I'd say least 50%) of us that DON'T. Unfortunately society still thinks that all we want to do is attract a male gaze. How dare we dress up for ourselves?!


  3. That Carmen San Diego costume is fabulous!

    As soon as I started getting Halloween costume emails, I groaned because everything was “sexy” this and that. Most of the police officer outfits had so many holes that you could barely call it a costume. Same for video game characters like Mario. And way overpriced. But so many women subscribe to that Mean Girls mentality “Its the one night where a girl can dress like a slut and get away with it,” so they buy those nasty costumes, and companies think that's what everyone wants. Costumes like that are a big factor in why I don't dress up anymore.


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